Michael Manchen - Candidate for Lakeland

Michael Manchen

Michael Manchen's Bio

Michael is a longtime supporter of the People’s Party of Canada. He ran as a candidate in the last election and will do so in the next one, with a strong message emphasizing “Freedom and Prosperity” for all Canadians.

Michael and his wife of 30 years raised two young men in that region of northern Alberta, to whom they want to leave a country that they can be proud to call home.

Michael has wide experience in Alberta oil and gas industry operations, regulations and leadership for over 25 years, holding a long list of education, training and degrees.

He is currently involved in property management with a strong commitment to community volunteering on many boards, such as Fire & Rescue, starting a play school and a county snowmobile club along with many others.

Michael Manchen has the motivation and experience required for team building with experience in each EDA role. He looks forward to working with anyone who wishes to contribute to the success of the People’s Party of Canada, and welcomes all people to join our ever growing team of members and volunteers.

Michael Manchen
Michael Manchen
Michael Manchen
Michael Manchen

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